MS Episode 27: The Long ABRIDGED Version
Episode Label SXE1 (Special 1)
Corresponds With Evil Arrival
Starting Date of Production September 10, 2011
Release Date TBA
Written By DinoQueen13

MS Episode 27: The Long ABRIDGED Version is the first Special of Bakugan Abridged. It is based on episode 27 of "Mechtanium Surge", Evil Arrival.

Video DescriptionEdit

Long abridged version? LOLWUT?


The Brawlers are back. IN TRACK SUITS AND WITH NEW PARTNERS (except for Drago). A comb is a plot device. Brawls ensue. Mechtogan butt in. LOTSA FIGHTING. Big robot fires his lazer. Mechtogan go bye-bye. A comb is STILL a plot device. Cliffhangers.

Characters with Speaking RolesEdit

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Characters Requiring Voice ActorsEdit


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  • DinoQueen13: Writer; voice actor of Julie, Mira
  • AOH: Voice actor of Coredegon